How to Stop Snoring – 10 Remedies That Work!


When the relaxed muscles in the throat vibrate and make a noise, it results in the issue of snoring. Often, it is considered as a sleep disorder, and if one is dealing with heavy snoring, it can lead to medical problems as well. Read here some of the remedies that work for treating this hassle.

Have you ever heard your partner complaining early in the morning about your loud snores? Or, have you ever woke up in the middle of the night just because your partner’s loud snores couldn’t let you sleep?

Snoring is indeed a natural occurrence; however, severe snoring is what leads to insomnia, irritability, and other problems. So, when it comes to how to stop snoring, here are top 10 remedies to help you throughout.

1. Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint Oil

If the reason behind your snoring is the nasal or chest congestion, pure peppermint oil can give some relief. It’s one of the essential oils that help in treating nasal passageway congestion, which can prove out to be helpful in reducing snoring problems.

2. Avoid Dairy Products At Night:

Before going to bed, if you consume milk or other dairy products, it can worsen your snoring even more because the dairy products leave a layer of mucus in throat and mouth. And, this slime adds more to the airway blockage.

3. Throat and Tongue Exercise:


Having a strong tongue and throat helps in avoiding over-relaxation of the throat muscles to a great extent. And, to strengthen the tongue and throat, you must practice some mouth exercise daily for few minutes.

4. Get A Humidifier:

If there is a presence of dry air in your house, it can add more to your snoring problems. Since dry air is capable of drying your throat and nasal membrane, it can cause congestion. To avoid such situation, you can consider purchasing a humidifier that will keep dry air away from you.

5. Anti Snoring Devices:

Anti Snoring Device

The market is full of stop snoring devices that you can grab. However, before purchasing any of the devices, make sure it is helpful and worthy enough to spend money on. The device should be a medically tested and clinically proven and should be effective in reducing snoring.

6. Vitamin C:

The sinuses can block the airways, leading to the mouth to open and uvula to vibrate, which can produce snoring sounds whole night long. Vitamin C can be beneficial in preventing this because it promotes a healthy immune system, which can clear the sinuses.

7. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is an anti-inflammatory agent that eases the tissues along the respiratory passage. It reduces the swelling and offers a clear passage for air to pass through. It can also decrease soreness. You can use olive oil regularly so as to lessen the vibration of the throat.

8. Steam:


One of the prominent reasons behind snoring is nasal congestion. And, inhaling steam can be one of the beneficial solutions for decreasing congestion. You can take steam for few days on a daily basis so as to get rid of the congestion entirely.

9. Quit Smoking:

The smoke from tobacco bothers mucous membrane, resulting in swelling of throat and narrowing of the air passage. Not just that, but smoking can also arise the other main problems with nasal congestion. So, quitting smoking will be the best option if you wish to get rid of snoring.

10. Take Extra Pillows:

Take Extra Pillows

It has been observed that one is likely to snore less if the head is less elevated while sleeping. In that case, you may use extra pillows so as to elevate your body so that your head stays afloat. Or, on the other hand, you may even abandon using a pillow under your head at all.

So, these are some of the beneficial remedies to help stop snoring. You can adopt these solutions and can notice the effect in just a matter of few days. Some may take just a few hours too to show results.

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