PR Firms Need Cutting-Edge Storytelling For Better PR


The leading PR firms know this, and so do the PR experts. Solidifying storytelling skills can take you far, really far. Story telling skills comes from time, trial and error, more than talent. A little writing know-how can take your writing from good to great, provided you practice.

Here are some aspects that PR Experts can inculcate, in order to better their writing skills.

Measure Your Audience:


To build great content, you need to know what exactly your audience wants to hear from you. Top PR firms the world over, are dying to know what a particular client wants to hear and how they want to hear it. Tell them what they want to hear and your job is done. Look at how many repetitive content are presently making the rounds in your industry and then think of an idea that resonates with their emotions.

Give the Characters a Face:


The characters of a story are driving forces that pushes a story forward. But without a face, it falls flat. In a crisis situation, the best approach is to put a name and a face to what is happening. Suppose you are writing a story and you did not describe how the main character looks like till chapter 5, chances are that the readers have something already in their minds – an image of the character. Selecting a spokesperson halfway through a crisis causes a lot of confusion in the target audiences mind.

A writer loses interest quickly if the characters aren’t consistent and fully developed throughout the story. Brand lose reputation the same way.

Create Multiple Versions:

Create Multiple Versions

Stories must always go through edits and multiple edits before they gets published. Once it’s up there, you can’t take it back. The situation becomes even more critical in this day and age of social media. The same is true also for businesses. Find places where you can carve out some time and boundaries, experiment and then present the results to your superiors. Journalists also today, not just think about how their stories will get shared but also, all the different ways it will get published digitally.

It must be noted that, just because a story is popular doesn’t mean everyone has to write about the same topic again and again. Now, is the age of content overload and journalists needs to know their audience in order to decide what to write and what not to write! Taking readers’ feedback is equally important for a journalist to write better.

It is without question that good writing skills, knowledge and expertise in social media, and good experience in public speaking or oration are absolutely necessary for an individual to succeed in the field of public relations. The art of story\telling is another important aspect of equal importance, if not more.

Novelist Tony Spencer-Smith says about story telling: “Stories need conflict, drama, setbacks. They need a protagonist who learns from the experience. And they need to be written in a clear, conversational style that makes it easy for the reader to be drawn into the narrative.”


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