Major Reasons That Will Make You Love Handloom Sarees

Thanks to Smriti Irani that she has done a lot of toil to bring forward the real enthusiast behind the manufacturing and creation of handloom sarees. The government has also launched a hashtag trend of wearing handloom sarees. The Bollywood stars and other aristocratic people are also using these hashtags while posting their pictures in these indigenous pieces. These sarees denote the sophisticated likes of the wearer which were once worn only by the greatest women in India, bureaucrats and a lady involving in political arenas.

Do you know that India has the largest and richest handloom stores where each and every state showcases its own flavour and mood through these sarees? It takes an effort of 3-5 people and almost few months to craft these Indian traditional sarees. These sarees are manufactured in cottage industries in India which are counted under small industries of the nation. So hail to those amazing efforts and creations while reading real facts which will make fall in love for handloom sarees again.

  1. Perfect Occasion Charmers – They are exclusively made to attend high collar parties and wedding occasions. So, next time when you attend any kind of event, make sure you’ve reasons to flaunt. These sarees are also thought perfect for sacred ceremonies such as in religious festivals in India as they are purely hand-made.
  2. A Stunner With Designs – these sarees are actually stunners with glorifying prints, extra motifs, patch works, embroideries and hand-made embellishments. They are elegant and graceful and are the perfect choice to celebrate your achievements in life. The best thing is that you don’t need ample of makeup tools to pitch up your beauty; it is automatic here!


  1. Celebrating Culture – Baluchari sarees from West Bengal, Kanjeevaram sarees from Tamil Nadu, Kantha sarees from West Bengal, Munga sarees from Assam and the list goes on are telling the right way to celebrate the artistic significance present in India. You don’t need to import it like Holstein Friesians from Germany!

The handloom weavers are excelled in the exquisite use of needle work and painting. What else do you want man!

  1. Eco-Friendly – Let’s help Mother Nature with handloom sarees because this is the high time to do something to cope up with the climate change and global warming. To those nature lovers, handloom saree is a boon because they are 100% eco-friendly and made from natural plant fibres instead of the harmful chemical process that is much needed in the making of casual printed sarees.
  2. Livelihoods Of Rural Craftsmen – Do you know that thousands of people from the outskirts of the districts are involved in this kind of processes? To make these incredible products, they need to manage their time testing skills and handworks. With such elaborate embroidery and months of toil behind producing one saree explain the entire reason of them being so special.

handloom sarees

  1. Chemical Free Dyes – “Go Green” is the fundamental basis of the process. The manufacturing of handloom sarees prohibits the usage of harmful yet glossy chemical to put glory in their sarees. Instead, they use 100% natural plant fibres and fluid to craft them. The colours and designs are all natural and done by the skilful hands of craftsmen in India.

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