Features To Look For In Transportation System Management Software


TMS or Transportation Management System Software is of immense importance when you want to improve your operational workflow. It also helps you to have satisfied customers that return to your business again and again. With the plethora of options available, you need to choose a TMS that best matches your needs and aspirations. You do not need features that you won’t be using but also would like each issue addressed through the software. A right kind of TMS will not only make your workflow and product delivery smoother and efficient, it will also help you save on the costs that you incur every month and year.

Management of the carrier contracts

A modern transport management system software will help you to manage all your carrier contracts through a single dashboard (you must be having contracts with multiple carrier agencies towards delivery). The TMS will enable you to compare the different carriers on the basis of costs, time, routes and other aspects, and will also provide for simple tracking. The alerts will notify you of any impending abnormality. This way, the whole department would be operated more conveniently and with lesser energy spending.

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Risk management

Risk management becomes a necessity, especially when you have to ship and transport the hazardous materials. Any negligence can lead to an accident, and fines and other punishments might foil your aspirations. The TMS or logistics transport software is a great boon towards the purposes of risk management. It:

● Does the paperwork

● Provides for secure and reliable packaging

● Helps in safe labelling

TMS will help you follow and comply with all the custom-related and regulatory affairs related issues fully, and well-automates the entire process, thus saving time.

International operations

TMS helps you manage and run all the international logistics functions optimally. When you want to reach to the international and offshore destinations, the TMS will provide for easy documentation, compliance, and shipping. It has features including (but not limited to):

● Multilingual screen interfaces

● A list of ocean, sea or air carriers

● Support for currencies of almost all nations 

● Calculation of VAT (Value Added Tax) charges custom duties

● Management of all commercial invoices (national and international) through a single dashboard

● Upgrades and easy change-management, which ensures that you follow all embargoes and trade agreements 

● System checks that provide for management of trade

Consignment tracking and visibility

All TMS provide you with tracking features (digital and advanced), and the leading ones also make it possible to know the live location of your consignment. You can keep up with the schedule, from its pick-up to its delivery, when you have a modern and efficient TMS system.

Easy auditing and bookkeeping

The TMS also provides for easy bookkeeping. It will audit your functions and accounts, pay the invoices, create the payment vouchers and will also assign the billing codes. Apart from accurate accounting, the TMS will help you know the costs better and will help you to save costs, and prepare a cost-effective budget for your freight operations as well.

Futuristic TMS will streamline your workflow and give you adequate time to look into the other aspects of business and operations as well. A part of business intelligence, the TMS minimizes the logistic costs, saves delivery times and also provides the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The computer model solves issues related to delivery and supply chain and offers best ROI.

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