How to Design the Best Structure of Your Website

The hardest part for me was when I started work on a new project, whether a blog or a website, always been the arrangement of the website on the page.

Or rather the way in which you need to structure your website so that the user have any idea what this is, as you can navigate more easily, the most important things found on that website, etc.

99 percent of cases, the standard that guides me is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). A design should never be overloaded. Visitors always have to find what they want.

More than that gives him the opportunity to easily fill the products you offer, or bonuses. For in the end your purpose is to make money with your website.

Then, for a better arrangement of the website, you have to take into account the following:

The project web site (or the general plan)

Once of my friend told me: “Good design means to create something simple and user friendly for people. Just as those who build cars and houses have certain conventions, like when it comes to the overall structure of the website.


The list of things that a website should contain is:

The Header – top web site

It usually includes the navigation, links to relevant pages, the search form and a suitable banner.

The Footer – the bottom of the web site

This usually gets the copyright, links to relevant pages and also some comments, articles, etc.

Sidebar – the column menus

If the site has an authentication, then put the identification form, the newsletter subscription form, including recent articles, reviews, articles most read, etc.

Normally it does not matter if the sidebar to the left or right, but experts says the best position is right. It is found that the eye of the user when entering a web site ranges from the upper left and continuing from left to right below.

So if you want the information you offer in your articles is the first thing visitors see, then puts the sidebar on the right.

In all these parts of the site is necessary to put the information you want the visitor to see the first page that would capture your attention to buy your product or to better understand what happens on that site.

The content – in the end, one of the deciding factors.

If you have a web site with articles, they will have to be structured by categories. You can let visitors comment. This will increase the interactivity of the website and lead a discussion.

One very important skill that everyone should use is to put the most important information “above the fold”. The term “above the fold” means insert the most important content on top of the website, which is observed without the user having to make a scroll.

Especially if you have a website with ads and want to make money with them.

The colors

Choosing the right colors for the nuclear site is an easy job. That if you do not have the logo of the company for guidance.

There is a certain color psychology. And red makes you think of something hot, blue makes you think of something cool, different colors are different emotions. And we all know that people are influenced by emotions when making a decision (even to access a page or not.)

For a better choice of colors you can use the application from Adobe.

The letter

Another important thing to your website is the font you use. Although there are several fonts available, but some are recommended for web development and design. Personally I like to use Verdana, Arial and Tahoma.

The font size is also important. Of course, the bigger, easier to read, but not always fine with the web design. If too big, you run the risk of spoiling the charm of the website.

Accessibility and Usability

It is very important that your website is well in popular search engines (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari). If you respect the other three previous spot designations, it is likely that your website is both affordable and easy to use.

Another thing to consider is using a minimum number of links for navigation. The more links you have, the harder it is for visitors to reach the main information you offer.

Until next time, all the best!

I am Aashya Singh, a passionate blogger and a digital marketer. I always believe to learn and explore something new and that is the reason I try to assimilate all trendy topics in my blog. However, my fondness for travelling and singing also defines my individuality.

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