Benefits of Honey lemon green tea in Weight Loss


Want to flaunt a svelte, lithe figure but dread torturous diets or the butt-busting workouts? No worries. Just sip green tea with a dash of lemon and honey to shift weight. Surprised? Yes, the invigorating drink can help burn calories and shed flab. The golden beverage is actually a potent weapon that can spur weight loss.

Green tea touted as a healthy potion that can thwart diseases is also an amazing drink for weight loss. For all its benefits, people sometimes fail to develop a palette for green tea because it lacks flavor. Not an issue. Just add some lemon and honey and watch the taste transform. The blend of green tea with lemon and honey is a perhaps the most powerful weight loss tool at your disposal. Let’s check out how this miraculous drink can benefit your weight loss journey.

Burns calories:


Looking for an easy way to burn excess calories? Drink a few cups of honey lemon green tea on a regular basis. Ingredients in green tea are known to accelerate the metabolic rate and energy levels which further fuel the body’s fat burning capabilities. Lime and honey, on the other hand, cut back on calories. Combined, the three can hasten the weight loss process.

Melts fat:

The catechins present in green tea, reportedly has the potential to eliminate fat from the abdominal area. A variant of green tea with lemon and honey helps the body absorb catechins three times faster into the blood stream. This is turn melts the fat faster and trims inches off your waistline.

Low-calorie intake:

Green tea flavored with honey and lemon has very few calories in it. You can consume any number of cups and still maintain a low-calorie intake for a healthier and fitter body. However, to reap the maximum benefits and not sabotage your weight loss plans look for brands that use 100% natural ingredients without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, such as TE-A-ME.

Effective at any temperature:


Here is another plus of green tea laced with the classic flavors of honey and lemon. The combo is effective in helping shift pounds at any temperature. You can enjoy the concoction both as a soothing hot beverage and iced refreshment. Having said that, the weight-loss benefits are higher when the beverage is consumed hot because the iced variety gets a tad diluted with water.

Curbs mindless snacking:

According to nutritionists, Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the amazing antioxidant that impacts your appetite-regulating hormone. And yes, you’ve guessed right. This creates a feeling of satiation and curbs the craving for mindless snacking. Meanwhile, both honey and lemon contain powerful properties that boost digestion and help flush out toxins, major contributors to weight gain. The three wonders (green tea, lime, and honey) together make for a great fat buster.

It looks like honey lemon green tea is a delicious brew that can put you in the fast lane of weight loss. So, what are you waiting for? Integrate the beverage into your diet to rev up your metabolism and drop the ugly pounds.

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