7 Bad SEO Practices That Slow Down Your Business Growth

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It’s not clear what the real numbers are, but Techco says the ‘8 out of 10’ businesses fail is a myth. That means it might be closer to what the Small Business Administration reports, that about two-thirds of businesses survive the first 2 years and about half of that make it until their fifth year. Still, while the numbers aren’t as cynical as the ‘8 out of 10’ idea, the numbers still say that several startups fail within the first year or so. One reason could be crummy SEO practices. Here are 7 that strike us as the worst of the lot and could be what’s slowing down your business growth:


Bad navigation

There’s nothing that puts customers off right from the bat than confusing navigation. If you’re just putting links to every page on your site, but not helping them find what they need, that could one reason why they’re jumping ship.

Poor site search

Another feature of a shoddy site is poor site search, says Search Engine Journal. If customers are clicking links and getting to the wrong pages or even worse, getting “no results,” then it’s time you went through your pages and decimated those dead links. 

Complicated checkout process

If your checkout process is about 8 pages long, but could easily be done in 4, then those are a lot of extra, unnecessary steps your customers don’t need. Also, if your forms are annoying to fill out, that could be taxing your customer’s patience and putting them off your site for good.

Not mobile friendly

Still haven’t optimized your pages for mobile? With the growth of mobile consumers over the last few years, you’re clearly closing your doors to a lot of potential revenue and sales. If you want to expand your consumer base, it’s time to get help turning your pages into mobile-friendly ones.

Bad content

Disorganized, cluttered and vague content isn’t going to land you the right customers. Targeted marketing and advertising will. If you want to grab consumer interest and attention, start by fixing your content.

Slow pages

Few shoppers have the patience to wait for minutes before your pages load up. If yours are loaded with flash videos and taking quite a while before they pop up, that could be why your customers are turning elsewhere. With speedy loading times, visitors are sure to stick around much longer.

Long response times

If customers have a question or issue with your site or one of their purchases, make sure you provide timely responses and prompt assistance. Hire someone helpful and courteous. Good customer service always makes customers come back for more, for a long, long time. On the other hand, a bad one could make them swear off your company, services and products for good.

Winning your market

It’s not enough to put up a site. Give your consumers the best shopping experience. Partner up with the right SEO service solutions provider. Start by looking over the best SEO packages online, says seoTuners. This will make winning your market a whole lot easier.

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