5 Customer Service Techniques to Improve your Game


Customer-centric companies gain benefit by enhancing the quality of their services such as chat or telephonic conversations. Such companies need to train their employees the unique and specific ways in which the communication with customer becomes more personal, professional and effective. This not only increases the customer satisfaction but also promotes the positive brand image of the company. The right service techniques must be incorporated in the customer-centric companies which can help them to increase the revenue of their clients as well as for themselves. They have trained, skilled, and experienced employees that are capable of handling the difficult tasks in fewer time consumptions and assure the customer satisfactions. It is because they follow customer service techniques that help them to build healthy relationships, lead generation, and provide a better solution to the queries of the customers. In this post, we list five customer service techniques that help you to step up in your business. Let’s take a look.

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1. Empathy

Empathy is considered as a technique in the reputed outsourced customer support field using which you can show the customer that you understand what he or she is going through. Showing empathy is an essential part of the agent’s communication as it gives a feeling that you care for your customers and understand their situations. Jumping straightaway to the fixing part might be a drawback and seems that you’re trying to finish your job as quickly as possible. Also, make sure that you listen to their complaints and queries first and then answer accordingly. Provide them a better solution by studying their queries thoroughly.

2. Name Remembrance

If the customer calls you multiple times and you somehow forget his name and ask his personal information, again and again, the customer gets irritated. However, if you remember the name of the customers who is already frustrated due to some issue for which they are calling your call center again, will be glad that they don’t have to provide their personal information multiple times. Therefore, being an outsourced customer support call center agent, one of the best ways to improve your game is to remember the names of the customers. This will help you to create a good impression on them. The question is how you will remember the name of different people as you take up so many calls per day. The only way to remember their names is through their location and repetition of the name while the entire conversation is going on. Most important, do not forget to say “goodbye” or “happy to see you”.

3. Explanation

The explanation is the critical part especially when it comes to calling center conversations with the client. It can make or break the connections in between your company and the customer. The effective explanation, however, can prove to be beneficial for you, your company as well as the customer itself. Structure of explanation increases the fluency of whatever you are explaining. There are two ways in which you can improve your exanimation giving part, either by listening to their problem which is followed by a solution by which you both are benefited. Another way in which you have to market your product or service, the best way is to describe the features, advantages it provides and the benefits the customer will avail.

4. Listen to Customers

One of the best ways to improve your outsourced customer support call center’s reputation is by calmly listening to your customers’ queries. Carefully listen to their complaints and patiently respond. It is because you’ll get a chance to speak to many customers who are frustrated and irritated due to some issue which they are facing. At that point of time, you need to listen to them carefully and respond to them with an appropriate answer. Also, make sure while you’re on your call, you don’t get distracted, or listen to music and so on. Summarize the points whatever the customers told you during calls and according to that find a stable solution to their problems.

5. Ask Questions

Whenever you call potential candidates to sell your services or products, make sure to ask them questions about the difficulty they are facing and why should they opt the service or products you’re selling. This will help to maintain their interests while calls. You need to know the type of questions that you would be asking before calling a customer such as open ended questions which help your customers to open up. Closed questions are those whose answers are given in yes or no whereas the probing is the detailed questions which need a description of things. Make sure that you don’t ask too many questions as they can make the

customers frustrated.

These are the techniques which a call center agent needs to focus and follow to improve the company’s reputation as well as their own. So, you can practice these skills around the backseat or throughout your day with whosoever you call and meet in person.

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